Online Casino Slots Tournament Formats

There are several types of slots tournaments offered at malaysia online casino. Players of malaysia online casino need to understand the formats of these different types so that they can choose the online tournaments best suited to them.

In malaysia online casino, the easiest online slots tournament is one in which the participants play through only once. They pay the buy-in, except the tournament is a freeroll. They are giving a starting chip stack, a fixed time for wagering and a slot game on which to wager. These three parameters are fixed for all participants so that as to establish uniformity. If the player loses all his chips before the appoint time has expired he logs a score of zero and is out of the reckoning for the prizes. If not the chip balance that he holds at the end of the appoint time is his score. He is noxious on the tournament leader board on the basis of his score. The designated number of leader board toppers contribute the prize pool for the slots tournament. In the above suggested online tournament format the player take part ends once his chip balance or time limit is over.

To increase the degree of participation and make the slot tournaments more interesting to the players malaysia online casino have evolved formats in which the players can take part a number of times. This also helps players who have had a run of bad luck in the first try. One such online slots tournament format is the rebuy tournament. Players of malaysia online casino are given a starting chip stack yet can wager right across the tournament span as long as they have a positive chip balance. They lose all their chips before the tournament comes closer they can pay a rebuy fee and purchase another identical chip stack and try to get a high score. But they have to do so in the overall time frame of the tournament. Any time they feel that their score is good for they can log that score and exit the tournament. The leader board positions are shown to all players and this helps players to decide if they need to rebuy. There are several types of rebuy tournaments.

As unlimited rebuy tournaments the participants can rebuy any number of times without any limit. Yet malaysia online casino feels that unlimited rebuys give an unfair advantage to those players with larger bankrolls. Thus they limit the number of rebuys. The other format in which players are allowed to participate again is the add on slots tournament. As in the basic format the player is appointed a starting chip stack and a specific time for wagering. When the time is up the player can but another chip stack and a time period by paying the add on fee. The key factor is that the last score stands and the chip balance at the end of the next session is added on to the last score. Add ons are not normally unlimited. The malaysia online casino specifies the number of add ons available to players. Players participating in add on slots tournaments have to provide for buying all the add ons if not they would be at a disadvantage.