A Genting Casino Malaysia genuine survey

Built up: in 1980 Kind of organization: Private Limited Company Address: Capital of Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur. Exercises: joined relaxation resort, voyage ships and land clubhouse operation. Capitalization: $ 6.8bn. Office: Genting Casino Malaysia is one of the biggest and top resort in Asia with: 6 inns with 10,000 inn rooms accessible altogether The world greatest […]


The differences between HTML and XHTML have been noted with a new list of deprecated items (where one can note that <acronym> has been included). Differences between HTML 4.01 and HTML5 less so. The following identifies one difference that shall affect numerous sites. It’s anchors. HTML 4.01 and HTML5 each define <a> as an inline […]

Regression Considered

Regression Considered Or, An Unstructured Methodology for fundamental Education of Web Standards Web Standards compliance seems to have gone murky and vague in practice but—Perhaps—at least, the original intent continues in actual real-world usage. It’s seldom seen. Sites that are shiny and interactive but do not break are fine. Still. [Note: This tutorial represents continuance […]

The Elementary Standards

Progress Reconsidered Or, A Restructured Methodology in an effort for fundamental Education of Web Standards Web Standards compliance may have failed but Web Standards has not failed. Perhaps, Web Standards pontifications are ceased but momentum exists. Perhaps, not. At least, the intent continues. Last year, I performed data collection and analysis on behalf of the […]